Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Application FAQs

As a finance broker we will ensure you are supported during your finance journey, we have access to a large range of products and lenders therefore we can cater to most individual’s needs and we we will ensure that you are provided with the best outcome we are able to offer.

You will not be charged for our services we provide; we will send your application to the most appropriate lender for your circumstances and needs, we will receive a commission from the lender for our services.

Many lenders will accept applications for finance without a deposit, however paying a deposit could help you obtain a better car finance deal and pay less interest.

You can take your vehicle to your chosen car dealer; they will give you a part exchange value against your new vehicle and this will be deducted from the cash price of the new vehicle.

Yes, we recommend you do your due diligence and take all reasonable steps to ensure the dealership is reputable.  The dealership must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

NO, we have a variety of lenders who will consider finance application on vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans, road legal quad bikes and horseboxes.

We may be able to help you obtain finance however, the overall cost of your loan may be more expensive due to your credit rating.

You can click on one of the “apply for finance” buttons and complete our online application form, alternatively you can speak to one of our customer service teams by calling 01786 657785

Application FAQs

The interest rate you will pay is determined by your circumstances, your credit history, the term of the loan and the finance company who provides the offer of finance.

The minimum information you will be required to provide will be proof of your identity, personal details including address and employment current and historical, driver’s license and proof of income.  Most lenders will conduct a credit check against your credit profile this is to understand your financial history and current position, some lenders may also require further information to assess your application this will be requested from you if required.

A “soft search” does not leave a footprint which means it will not affect your credit profile and cannot be seen by other financial institutions.  A “hard search” provides an in-depth look into your credit history and will leave a footprint which may have a negative effect on your credit profile even if you are provided with a credit facility.

We shall conduct an initial “soft search:” against your credit profile, which will then match you to a risk score based upon your credit score.  The score from your credit profile will determine which lenders will consider an offer of finance, along with the vehicle your wish to purchase, the term of the agreement and amount you wish to borrow.  Our unique system will only send to lenders that fit to your needs and meet the lenders criteria so no un-necessary “hard” credit searches are made against your credit profile.

Typically, acceptances are valid for 28-30 days however, this will be dependent upon the lender you have been approved with.

In most cases we will be able to provide a conditional acceptance within the hour, however this can vary depending on the lender and if further underwriting checks are required.

Most of our lenders will offer electronically signed finance documents which means you are able to access the documents anywhere at a time convenient to you.  We recommend you make sure to take adequate time to read your finance documents and our teams will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Aftercare FAQs

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you should always contact your finance provider who will assist you with your vehicle finance payments.

If you have any problems with your vehicle, you should contact or call us on 01786657785.  We will record and handle your complaint and assist to bring a suitable resolution.  For more information on our complaints handling please see our policy

You must continue to maintain your monthly payments unless your lender has agreed to postpone them until the issue has been resolved as a missed payment or defaulted credit agreement will have a negative impact on your credit profile.

If you have any concerns or issues with the services we have provided you, you should contact or call us on 01943 873277.  We will record and handle your complaint and assist to bring a suitable resolution.  For more information on our complaints handling please see our policy

If you wish to make a part or full settlement of your finance agreement you should contact your lender directly who will advise you of the process.

Most lenders will allow you to amend your payment date, you should contact them directly to discuss this and they will guide you through the process.

Start Your Car Finance Application!

Applying only takes a couple of minutes, we will conduct an initial soft search which will not leave a footprint on your credit profile, Lenders whom we submit your application to, may conduct a hard search which will leave a footprint on your profile even if you do not take out an agreement.